What will need to be arranged prior to the installing BPC RiskManager?

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Things we will need you to have arranged prior to the install:

  1. Fully patched Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 server with IIS 6+ for the application server hosting (or if undertaking a desktop install - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 PC).
  2. If using SSL/HTTPS as the communication protocol, an SSL Certificate for the Windows IIS 6/7 server for the domain you will be using for the RiskManager application server. We do not perform certificate validation – so an internal certificate should be fine but note that we use real Certificates issued by Verisign and Thawte on our sites so we have only tested under an environment where the certificates are “real”. I can not think of any reason why an internal certificate should be a problem however. Certificates are ONLY required for HTTPS, not for HTTP or Raw TCP/IP communications protocols (which is the normal way the application is used).
  3. Fully patched SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008 database engine (installed in MIXED MODE – not just Windows Authentication Mode) with Enterprise Manager (SQL 2000) or Database Studio (2005/2008) available (unless you want to fluff around in SQL command line calls).
  4. Administration access to the Windows servers and the SQL Server (you need to be able to create and restore a database and create an SQL user account and assign roles to that account), or if installing a destop version, you will need administration access to the desktop PC.
  5. A test client computer with admin rights to that computer – preferable Win XP (latest patches – of course) that has network connectivity to the Windows application server.
  6. Simple TCP/IP network connectivity between all these components – lets get it working in the simple scenario before we complicate it all with proxy servers. If you plan on using the HTTP or HTTPS communication protocols between the client and the application server, the windows IIS server rights settings are a little fiddly and the error messages are less than helpful when they are wrongly set so it would be better to know we have these right before we in introduce another layer network communications problems like proxy servers.


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