What type of documentation, technical and user is available for BPC RiskManager?

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  1. A very detailed installation and configuration manual (assumes you know nothing about windows, SQL Server or RiskManager) and covers XP, Vista, W2000, W2003 and SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 and SQL Express 2005 setups (Aprox 80 pages) .
  2. Structured installation manual on the riskwiki.
  3. A growing Bishop Phillips Consulting and client/user maintained riskwiki.
  4. Extensive programmer level documentation for:
        • Report Builder - the end user report building tool (Aprox 135 pages) + Reference manual.
        • PAXScript and ScripterStudio - the internal scripting languages
        • WorkFlow Studio - the internal workflow tool (this is being rewritten and updated). Note the WorkFlow Studio is a beta release at the moment, so the documentation does not yet has a fixed target to document. It should be production grade by January. The beta bit refers to the fact that we have not yet sewn it through all the internal screens (because we are still deciding how best to use it - beyond merely documenting process flows), although all the database hooks are in place and the actual designer and engine, and task manager are fully functional and in production ready state.
  5. User help library (being upgraded for the new release).
  6. Example databases with extensive internal documentation (e.g. Standard & Poors - with the risk categories explained). All documentation is shipped with the system and will progressively appear on the riskwiki over the next few months. We currently deliver it as a mixture of Windows help, HTML and pdf documents.


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