What support packages are available and at what cost?

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The BPC RiskManager Enterprise License fee includes 24 hours telephone technical support and unlimited general email support during the first 6 months after first installation. After the first 6 months technical support is available under the maintenance subscription agreement. The BPC RiskManager Single User License fee includes unlimited email support and 2 hours telephone technical support during the first 3 months.

The BPC RiskManager maintenance subscription includes the support covering software upgrades and technical assistance. The majority of the subscription is dedicated to developing the software upgrades in the Beta and Production release cycles. Clients with current subscriptions receive technical support of up to 36 hours contact in a year on production versions and an additional 2 hours per beta release installed (and an unlimited additional support during a feature development phase if you are part of the Beta testing stream for a specific feature). Depending on the issues encountered and the context of the direct support, above that level we will probably approach you for some additional fees.

Training, configuration, report writing, survey writing, customisation, database conversion (where required), risk advisory, and similar activities are separately negotiated and quoted outside of the maintenance fee. Your quote should cover rates for the additional items (Canada Office). The maintenance fee is for the purposes of installing upgrades and funding the continued development of the software.

All support packages include priority scheduling of requested enhancements. Only current subscribers download, install or use RiskManager software upgrades. Where you have specific customisations (not configurations) you can either register the request with us for inclusion in a future release - under which arrangement its inclusion and timing of release is at our discretion - but significant priority is given to requests from current subscribers, or you can specifically contract for the modification in which case you can have certainty over timing and inclusion. In either case the universal condition is that ALL customisations are (at our sole discretion) included in the main code base that all clients receive as part of the upgrade cycle. This is to ensure that we only have one code base to manage and that nobody gets 'orphaned' because of their modifications.

"On demand" development of requested end-user reports is NOT part of the maintenance subscription, unless released as part of the Beta or Production software release cycles. Development of custom reports as a separate individual client release is a separately contracted service. In addition to those reports shipped as part of the main product, we also support the user-group open source efforts in report development and system customisation scripting however and we occasionally release additional report templates for public use through the forum.

Charges for maintenance support subscriptions vary depending on the installation, license and components used but are available at their current settings from the product order page.


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