What is the difference between the browser plugin and the windows executable RiskManager client?

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In a nutshell, very little.

Bishop Phillips Consulting supplies a browser based and non-browser based client for BPC RiskManager. Both solutions are application server solutions (also called 3-tier application server) – not client-server.

There is no difference in functionality between the browser and non-browser version. The solutions differ in how the client component is served to the client computer desktop.

The browser based client is delivered as an IE 5/6/7/8 browser plug-in (like adobe reader or flash player) while the windows (non-browser) client resides on the user’s desktop (like word or excel). The main argument for using one over the other is that the browser based client is distributed simply by publishing it to a web server web page, while the windows client is distributed by copying it to the client computer. The interface is otherwise the same in both solutions. While the browser client is slightly simpler to distribute and update (just point your browser at the web site versus copy a single executable application to your computer.), it disconnects from the server when you close the web page on which it is hosted (just like adobe pdf reader), while the non-browser solution stays connected until you close it yourself (or the server side socket server times out the associated com object through inactivity).

The user interface is identical across both the browser and non-browser versions. We generally release updates to the non-browser client first and in the coming releases the non-browser client will probably behave more like outlook (existing as an icon in the system tray) when not actively in use. We tend to use the non-browser version oiurselves as opposed to the browser version, but that really doesn't prove anything either way.


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