What is the best client version - the browser or non browser Risk Manager client?

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This is a tricky issue. Generally we would recommend the windows non-browser version, unless you have a large number of users and want to be able to distribute the client component in an ‘on-demand’ manner.

Why? - Simply because there is one less 'moving part' and resizing of the application can be applied to the base (main) window, but an alternate argument is that where there are multiple databases, the browser client offers an advantage because you can easilly list the various connections on the hosting web page, and specifically secure access to the web page as part of your access model. Further the web page offers a simple "single point of publication" distribution system which instantly delivers the latest version to all users.

Like we said - there are really good arguments for both versions. Most larger lients use both versions, with the majority of users using the web browser version. Smaller clients tand to use the windows version.

On the face of it, the browser plug-in would be best in the situation involving a large, diverse oir geographiucally spread user base, as it will look after distribution, and updating itself on client computers. Note, however, the comment following:

The plug-in component is a self registering verisign signed ActiveX which does not write back to the web page hosting it, nor does it respond to scripted instructions sent externally to the plug-in (i.e.. it is a self contained blackbox). The default version contains a separate MIDAS library which it installs and writes to the client computer as part of the registration process, but we can replace this with an internal version of the library if needed. The non-browser version uses an internal version of the library, and is therefore installed merely by copying it to any place on the client computer to which a user has write access. Both the browser and non-browser clients write user preference information to the registry and work under Vista with UAC enabled. Some lockdown configurations of client computers can (obviously) prevent the plug-in from registering, and in those cases the non-browser client is the better choice as it does not need to register itself.

ActiveX plug-ins are not supported in the latest release of FireFox (although earlier releases are fine). Clients using the latest release of FireFox are advised to use the non-browser client.

In version RiskManager 2.5 and above, both the browser and non-browser clients use an internal com wrapper for IE (any version 5+ available on the client computer) to allow embedded document, procedure manuals and other links such as team web sites to be displayed integrated with the risk information on certain tabs. The capability is not critical to the operation of the application, but significant for some forms of user experience. In the event that IE has been stripped from the client computer, this capability will not work. If this proves to be a critical issue, we can produce versions that either use FireFox in that role or use our own HTML display engine, but in the latter case JavaScript support for the displayed pages will be lost.


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