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This RiskWiki is open and accessible to the public, hence information published herein is not confidential, nor are any undertakings made with respect to privacy of information you choose to disclose.

On application for an account that grants you edit status, a short 50 word (minimum) biography about you is required, but this is only to establish that you are genuinely keen to participate constructively. The information will be kept confidential if you desire. Where this is the case you should advise the same at the base of your biography section.

Every user granted editing status, automatically has an 'ABOUT' page, which is initially unpopulated. Any information you choose to diclose about yourself on your 'ABOUT' page will automatically be available to all readers (i.e. the public) - whether they are an account holder or not.

You are not required to put any information in your 'about' page if you do not so desire. You biographical information, will not be transferred to your ABOUT page, unless requested.

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