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This wiki is sponsored by Bishop Phillips Consulting (http://www.bishopphillips.com/) for the use and enjoyment of our clients, educators, the public and professionals involved in management consulting and risk advisory and analysis industries. It provides reference articles on management, risk and risk related functions including: Risk Management, Internal Audit, Governance, Compliance, and Process Reengineering, etc.

Over the years Bishop Phillips Consulting has ammassed a large body of work and articles based on our experience with hundreds of clients and we take great pleasure in sharing that work with the world wide community. Over the coming months we will be progressively converting and uploading much of our body of consulting, risk and internal audit methods and models. It is a major task and will take many months, so please come back often.

While Bishop Phillips Consulting is, at least initially, the primary contributor, you are welcome to add material and expand the reference base.

CopyRight Bishop Phillips Consulting Pty Ltd 1997-2012 ( RiskWiki:About )
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