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Most users use other forms of communication such as emailing or phoning us were just so easy that users tended to do that rather than remember the forum details, and it is not software that tends to have a lot of bugs. Where they occur we fix them pretty quickly - often within 24 hours and then re-release. Initial installation is always handled by us with remote support as you work through the install - so there are not install questions to resolve on a forum - and upgrades are usually just a matter of running the auto-installer or (if you prefer manual methods) copying a couple of files and running a script - or with many clients simply backing up their database and giving it to us to convert.


  1. Wiki: Some many months ago we launched a public wiki ( to which we are progressively transferring our large internal library of management consulting and governance "technologies".
  2. TeamServices: Issues, enhancements and bugs are tracked through the site. Registered clients have access to this site, but to date most users simply send us an email and we record the issue on the team site.
  3. Blog:
  4. We are open to suggestions. BPC also runs a world-wide user-group coordinated by our Canadian office.


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