Install MS IIS on Windows 2003 - 2008

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Installing on Windows XP

  • Open the Windows control panel (eg. Start / Settings / “Control Panel”) and select “Add or Remove Programs” and then “Add/Remove Windows Components”:


  • In W2003 you will find the IIS Components here:


  • Click on the details and tick components you want. We have selected all of them here BUT you should read the Windows 2003 IIS documentation if unsure to understand the implications of the various capabilities. We need only a tiny portion of the IIS capabilities for RiskManager, but the decision as to what sub components to install depends on how you will augment your risk system with external components on this server. For example FTP would be needed only if you were allowing multiple users to upload/exchange documents such as procedure manuals via the web server across the internet, but there are other, possibly better ways to achieve this.. Note the SMTP services. This is the simple email transport which you may wish to use if you do not have an email server easily accessible. Risk Manager makes use of SMTP for sending emails. (See the next section).


  • Select “OK” to run the installation.


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