How does one decide the optimum BPC RiskManager configuration?

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BPC RiskManager is shipped with a pre-configured database, set up with the most common options so you can use it right "out of the box". However, this application can really "sing" and you will probably want to do a lot more than just the standard configuration.

Generally, (although not mandatory) we will conduct a short consultancy to ascertain the most suitable initial configuration, and build a pre-configured database for you to use.

BPC RiskManager is designed to cover a very wide range of risk models so the configuration settings are not always obvious from the start. Almost everything can be changed from the client and are a few settings that are set on the application server management interface - so the initial decisions can be changed later. The install set includes a partially configured database with default settings, so it can be used "out of the box" - but we would generally advise you to have a small amount of configuration and training support in addition to the license.


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