How do I get custom features added, or request new features for BPC RiskManager?

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Can I Request New Features & What Does It Cost?

Yes - you can and are encouraged to request enhancements. We don't guarantee to embrace every suggestion, but we will certianly consider it. If you are happy to leave the decision to us to schedule them and slot them into the existing enhancements schedule, they will be included as part of your annual maintenance subscription. I.e. - No additional charge.

What if I need the feature quickly, or I don't agree with your decision?

If you need enhancements faster, or want to be sure they are included you can contract the development directly.

The only condition attached to contracted enhancements is that we reserve the exclusive right to decide to include the enhancement in the general code base that all clients enjoy. To date, 100% of contracted code enhancements have been included in the common code base. This is to your advantage as it ensures your application is not orphaned from the development stream.

See also: What support packages are available and at what cost?

How do I request Features?

The best method is to add the request directly to our team web site. There is a list of all known issues and enhancements planned that is maintained on our website to which we and clients add items and track progress on development and release.

You can also just email the request to any BPC Staff member, but preferrably your allocated Bishop Phillips account manager contact. Phoning the request is the least acceptable strategy as there is every chance it will disappear into the ether.


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