How do I arrange installation support and what is the timeline?

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Immediate. If you have a windows 2003 (or higher) server set up with IIS 6 (or higher) and MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 and the administration passwords necessary for install on those environments (local machine administrator password and the SQL server SA password), you can download the software from our website, install and be live inside two hours (we can do it in 15-30 minutes).

If you are installing on a single user, or network server with either a local database server or a remote database server, the installation and upgrade is fully automated and will take about 15 minutes. Separate client components have their own managed installers and can be run separately on the target machines (even from a central network share). Client installation to application launch takes around 3 minutes.

Never the less we like to talk you through what is happening and any decisions points where you could enable non standard set-ups that might be more suited to your needs, and introduce you to the significan number of hidden tools and features that are provided against the time they are needed. One of the most important of these are the security setting - which are defaulted off in a fresh install so that the initial user can be automatically created during the first client connection.

To get this support, just send us an email the day before to confirm an install time and we will call you and talk you through the installation over the phone.


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