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GUIDEx - Control for manipulating GUID's

Language: Delphi 7 - 2007

TGuidEx - Delphi class for manipulating Guid values

A Guid type represent a 128-bit integer value. The TGuidEx class exposes class (static) methods that help operate GUID values and TGuidField database field types.

Author: Zarko Gajic

uses SysUtils;

  TGuidEx = class
    class function NewGuid : TGuid;
    class function EmptyGuid : TGuid;
    class function IsEmptyGuid(Guid : TGuid) : boolean;
    class function ToString(Guid : TGuid) : string;
    class function ToQuotedString(Guid : TGuid) : string;
    class function FromString(Value : string) : TGuid;
    class function EqualGuids(Guid1, Guid2 : TGuid) : boolean;


CopyRight Bishop Phillips Consulting Pty Ltd 1997-2012 ( GUIDEx )
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