Does the RiskManager client application work with FireFox browsers?

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Getting an error message when attempting to log in on a laptop (with Mozilla Firefox).

"Access Violation @ address 09BE4F70 in Module "Riskma~3.ocx". Read of address 000000


The BPC RiskManager Desktop client will coexist with all versions of FireFox browsers, however the embedded webpages held on some panels will note display unless IE is also present on the desktop. Clickable web page links (which are also available on every panel with an embedded web page display window will correctly launch whichever browser is you default browser.

With respect to the BPC RiskManager ActiveX Plugin client, Firefox versions after 2.5 do not work well with RiskManager. The message diaplayed in the backround section relates to this issue. With the release of Firefox 3 the responsible committee deleted support for ActiveX plug-ins, so RiskManager will not load in any version of Firefox above 2.5. Not only did they remove the libraries used, but deliberately restructured the interfacing architecture so that it was virtually impossible to write a support library so that an ActiveX plug-in could be supported.

The plugin support model adopted in place of the ActiveX model is, quite simply a bug ridden mess (at least with respect to FireFox 3), and given the tiny percentage of Firefox browsers among our corporate client base, it is impossible for us to justify separate client code base for 1% (based on our web site hits) of the potential client base. When the Firefox team wish to make the product relevant to business users again, we will gladly support it once more. (Ok - You get it: I am annoyed with the FireFox team about this! I feel better now.)

Clients who can not use Internet Explorer or one of the other ActiveX compatible browsers, must use the Windows executable client instead to access the application server - and you will still be able to use your favourite non-IE browser to see referenced web content from the client. This is explained in the installation and help documentation.


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