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The single user version of BPC RiskManager will work essentially 'out of the box' if you have used the defaults, but you should probably check the configuration by working through these steps regardles. If you are installing the enterprise configuration or intend to use the BPC SurveyManager web component, you will need to work through these steps. The application server automates almost all the steps of initial configuration or updating the configuration for you. You can run these steps as many times as you like - you will not hurt anything - although, obviously, you will update the configuration with whatever new information you enter.

The first time you start the BPC RiskManager application server you will automatically register it on your server (or desktop computer).

Using the application server configuration screens you can:

  • Connect a database to the application server
  • Generate the web pages and publish the web client access page(s) to web site(s)
  • Create and Publish the BPC SurveyManager web site(s)
  • Connect the mail manager to an SMTP mail server (or outlook mail transport system)
  • Determine the access security model and set the LDAP access rules
  • Create the root administrator user id for a database

Configuring the Application Server

Perform the following steps in order:

  1. BPC RiskManager - Registration
  2. BPC RiskManager - General Configuration
  3. BPC RiskManager - Database Configuration
  4. BPC RiskManager - Send Mail Options Configuration
  5. BPC RiskManager - Mail Server Connection Properties
  6. BPC RiskManager - Security Configuration
  7. BPC RiskManager - Logging Configuration (OPTIONAL)
  8. BPC RiskManager - Create the Root Administrator
  9. BPC RiskManager - Configure HTTPSrvr Library (Optional)
  10. BPC RiskManager - Distribution of Client Components
  11. BPC RiskManager - Install The SurveyManager (Optional)
  12. BPC RiskManager - Configure Risk Mail Manager (Optional)
  13. BPC RiskManager - Test a Client Connection


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