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SECTION 2A. Locating the current LSS

After login you will be presented with the Survey List page. Think of this as your Survey Manager "home" page. From here you can reach everything you need. If this is the first time you have accessed your organisation, you will generally find only one survey in your survey list - the current LSS survey (similar to the image below). It is possible that you will see other surveys as well. These will be surveys you or your previous users have created for your organisation. Each year BPC removes the previous LSS from your organisation, but preserves all non LSS surveys and data until requested to remove them.


Locate the current LSS in your list. You will note that it has actions listed including:

  1. "Edit" - This allows you to edit certain presentational aspects of the survey such as the enquiry email address, the logo graphic, incitation text, help, etc. You can not change the questions in the LSS, so you will not have this option available in the edit screen. Unless you wish to change the default appearance of the LSS you do not need to use the action.
  2. "Manage" - This is the main action you will use. It enables publication of the survey to responders, sending of invitation, viewing of reports, and general management of the survey. For Providers using email invitations exclusively, this will be the only action in which you are interested.
  3. "Data Entry" - The data entry action enables the entry of surveys from both hardcopy and telephone/interview. A survey administrater or data entry account holder can enter the survey responsers by selecting from the list of published responders.
  4. "Make Template" - The make a template action creates a template from the associated survey that can be transferred bewteen organisations and used to create new modifiable duplicate surveys. This is one way to start a new survey that is an alternative to starting from scratch. LSS coordinators will NOT need to use this action to meet the survey submission requirements.

A note on terminology: a survey is what all respondents complete. A "survey response" is what we get back when each responder enters data into the survey. You do not need to create a survey for each responder - you need just one survey and many invitations and/or many "survey reponses".

Below the survey list, you will find a "Create a New Survey" button. This button will allow you to create new surveys for publication to groups of resonders. As the LSS is already deployed to your organisation and therefore visible in your organisation's survey list, your do NOT need to use this button to meet the LSS survey submission requirements. If you want to know about this facility go to BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Home - The Survey List Page.

The Next Step

If you wish to use the portal (which enables you to have class based survey collection in computer labs, for example), or you are working on a survey OTHER than the LSS, you should proceed to the next section: BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Home - The Survey List Page.

If you are exclusively interested in the LSS, you should proceed to section: BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Creating the list of respondents.


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