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You have an existing installation and configured database and you have just either added an extra application server to an existing database or ported from test/dev into production. You ran the auto-installer successfully and tried to connect to the new application server with a client and Risk Manager has rejected your login user ID - but you know your user name and password is correct.

You have seen a message that looks like this:



That is essentially what it looks like. The application is ok, you are talking successfully to the server and the server has successfully tested the login user ID and password and rejected it as being wrong. So there is nothing wrong with the install, per se.

Now the question is how did you move it to production? What is you chosen authentication method? Have you set the authentication method on the server?

Assuming you are using the auto-installer and that you are using the most common security option - where the application manages the security itself....

On running the auto-installer on a new server, the installer will install the server in single user mode (General Tab on the application server), and Trusted signon shared login role = Administrator (RM Security Tab on the application server). This is to facilitate creation of a new account for on first time installation. In this case, you already have the accounts in the database so you need to switch the system into managing its own security.

So you need to:

  1. Login as adminitrator to the application server computer
  2. Start the application server from the start menu on the server (“BPC RiskManager DataServer V6”)
  3. Double click on the green disk in the system tray. The Riskmanager DataServer management console will open.
  4. Click on the General tab.
  5. Change the “Risk Manager Edition” to “Web Edition”.
    Image:RMDS GP2.png
  6. Save settings.
  7. Click on the “RM Security” tab
    Image:RMDS GP10.png
  8. Switch the login role to “Assign access in application (Login Not trusted)”
  9. Switch the “Option to Assign Secure Identification” to “Use client user name only”
  10. Save settings.
  11. Click on “End Process” (bottom of the window)
  12. Attempt to login again.

Obviously in steps 7 - 10 you set the security model to what ever model you are actually using. For an instructions on the various models and settings go to:

Lastly, did you follwow the steps laid recommended for migrating from test to production?

If you still have problems send us an email to the support email address, providing a phone number we can call you on - and when you would like to be called. (oh..and make sure your maintenance/subscription fee is current :) )


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