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  1. How do I get a copy of BPC RiskManager V6.2.5?
  2. Would it be possible to get a copy of the BPC RiskManager V6 installation guide?
  3. Is there a feature listing for the BPC RiskManager windows client and the browser client? We are looking at the possibility of using a mixed client environment based on user specific needs and where they are.
  4. When are multiple BPC RIskManager server licenses required? We are looking to have RM implemented across a group of companies. They will all be using the same instance with same fields and definitions as the subject matter is the same. Can we use a single server license or will we require multiple server licenses?
  5. Can you please provide information on the cost of licensing and the type of licensing for BPC RiskManager V6.x ?
  6. Does your license include the cost of MS SQL Server ?
  7. I just purchased BPC RiskManager. Will you be sending the install disks, and when?
  8. What will need to be arranged prior to the installing BPC RiskManager?
  9. Does the RiskManager client application work with FireFox browsers?
  10. In what programming language is BPC RiskManager written?
  11. Does the RiskManager plug-in itself have a certificate like a java applet does?
  12. For support, what type of support is available (i.e.: email, phone, onsite, etc...)?
  13. What is the best way to get support?
  14. How do I arrange installation support and what is the timeline?
  15. What support packages are available and at what cost?
  16. Is there a cost associated with telephone support (i.e.: cost per call or issue)?
  17. How do I get custom features added, or request new features for BPC RiskManager?
  18. Is there a User Group Forum?
  19. What type of documentation, technical and user is available for BPC RiskManager?
  20. How does one decide the optimum BPC RiskManager configuration?
  21. Is BPC RiskManager a Client-Server application?
  22. What is the difference between the browser plugin and the windows executable RiskManager client?
  23. Database stability: Is the RiskManager essentially a SQL Server application ported to Oracle?
  24. Database support: Which database choice will give us the best level of support?
  25. Security: What is the most secure architecture for BPC RiskManager?
  26. What is the best client version - the browser or non browser Risk Manager client?
  27. What admin account rights are required to setup a browser plug-in?
  28. How do I configure IE for the RiskManager browser plugin?
  29. We just ported our enterprise system to a new server and I can't login. What do I do now?
  30. How do I port BPC RiskManager from test (or dev) to production?
  31. How do I install BPC RiskManager onto a computer running a 64bit Windows OS?
A Frequently asked Question is...

Database support: Which database choice will give us the best level of support?


Does the Choice of Database impact the level of support?

No. All BPC RiskManager V6 systems use SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008. It is reasonable to expect during the product version release life of V6 all future releases of MS SQL Server will also be supported. Most remaining RiskManager Express clients (those that have not upgraded to V6) use Oracle, but it also supports all current versions of MS SQL Server. BPC RiskManager V6 has considerably more data-elements than Express and is not back-wards compatible with BPC RiskManager Express (RiskMan) databases.

All V6 customers should choose the latest possible version of the SQL Server database engine that has been released for at least 6 months. V5 customers may also choose Oracle 10 and 11 series databases but are strongly encouraged to choose MS SQL Server equivalents if available in your organisation as this is our primary development database platform.

Selection between SQL Standard/Enterprise versus SQL Express alternatives entirely at your discretion and will be determined by your data volume and user connection needs. The selection of RiskManager V6 or RiskManager Express V5 does not impact the version of SQL installed by your.

We maintain concurrent development tracks for both V6 and Express V5 systems.

Does concurrent development of V6 and V5 (with its Oracle user base) impact support with respect to database version?

This is a good question. At this point no – because RM 6 clients are all SQL Server and Express Clients are virtually all Oracle (and include some of our oldest, most loyal clients).

Updates for BPC RiskManager Express V5 are released on Oracle and SQL Server concurrently.

Going forward (assuming you request, or we decide, to release an Oracle version for V6)…the honest answer is yes and no. I expect we will always develop on SQL Server for V6 and future versions (although this depends on which system has the larger client base), and release beta versions on SQL Server. We will then release the Oracle port of the same solution (this may be only a week apart – but the order will most likely be SQL Server first).

Once a BPC RiskManager V6 Oracle version is in production there will be no difference in support, appearance or capabilities of RiskManager V6 on Oracle versus SQL Server. The current release of the application server can talk simultaneously with databases from multiple database servers all running different models and versions of database engines as long as it has an appropriate available ADO Driver library.

Does (or would) the choice of database impact the system capabilities?

No - aside from the obvious fact that Oracle is not available as a current choice for V6 (but is of V5 Express). In the event that additional brands of database engines were adopted for V6 the user and administration experience is identical across all databases.

The client and business logic are separated from the ..→Read More..


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